5 Awesome Reasons to Own a Metal Detector!

By TBMD / June 20, 2016


Some people view metal detecting as an odd hobby. But still, it’s an enduring and ever-growing hobby that is continuously gaining popularity throughout the years. Its steady progress is what makes it so appealing. It makes you wonder: what is so interesting about finding a couple of things underneath a few layers of sand and dirt?

Well, in order to understand how these hobbyists think, one must look at the tool they’re using and analyze it carefully. What can it give you? Why would you invest on something so peculiar? It’s definitely not a “need”, so this must be something in the “wants” category. But why would you spend money on this luxury?

For those of you who can’t seem to see the beauty of this wonderful hobby, here are five short reasons why anybody should own a metal detector.

  1. It Is a Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Metal detecting itself is a hobby that almost literally pays for itself. You should own a metal detector because it helps you find something to do that is fun, rewarding, and even self-sufficient. It’s rare for people to find actual treasure, but the possibility is there. You won’t find those precious artifacts any other way, so why not open yourself up to that possibility?

You might not find expensive things all the time, but you’ll surely come across a couple of cool stuff along the way.

  1. It Gets You Moving!

Not only will it get you a few worthwhile items every now and then, it will also literally get your body moving. This hobby is a great exercise, especially if the metal detector you got is a little bit heavy. You’ll be doing your circulatory system a great favor by simply moving to and fro, sweeping for tiny metal things.

  1. It Reduces Stress!

As we all know, exercise can reduce stress. A metal detector can give you exercise. Therefore, a metal detector can reduce stress.

But even if we don’t follow that logic, you’ll see that owning something like this is guilt-free and liberating. Spending time on a unique hobby makes one feel more connected to oneself. It’s like forgetting all the hassles of everyday life and just experiencing something you’ve never tried before.

That and mindlessly searching for metal gets your mind off of your problems.

  1. It Gets You Thinking!

The irony here is that as you get lost in your thoughts during your search, you are actually exercising your mind by coming up with imaginative ways to explain your finds. And then after your search, you’ll be doing some research to get some real answers. Before you know it, you know more about your local history than anybody else in town.

  1. It Takes You to Places!

Speaking of towns, you’ll be exploring plenty of them with your metal detector. Eventually you’ll get tired of looking for things in your own backyard, so you’ll surely be going other places to look for more treasure. We suggest your local beach, because that’s where people usually lose their stuff and never find them, and it’s also easier to dig in the sand.

As you can tell, a metal detector is not what it seems. Metal detecting as a hobby is not just about finding things at the end of your adventure. It’s about enjoying the journey. It’s about reaping more than just stray coins and relics. It’s about finding more than just metal.

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