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Of course before you can trust a random website for your investment-related decisions, you have to know who’s running the show. We completely understand that. And while we’d like to maintain a degree of anonymity (for our sake and for our privacy’s sake) we’d still love to give you an idea of who we are and why we started this website in the first place.

We were once part of those people who saw metal detectors as odd, if not weird outright. We were always interested in what they do and why they do it. Why would you go to the beach and use a metal detector instead of riding the waves or burying your friends in the sand? It then dawned upon us that instead of just sitting there and wondering, we could be trying it out for ourselves and learning.

And so our entire circle of friends decided to buy those cheap metal detectors, just for kicks. Before we knew what was happening, we were finding lots of cool stuff like coins, and even small jewelry! We knew we wouldn’t strike it rich, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Fast forward to this day and age, wherein we each own different metal detectors of various kinds. It’s safe to say we know our gear, because we’ve been using them for a long time. We know what works, and which models are just plain trash.

We’re more than happy to share our knowledge, because we discovered that this hobby is a beautiful thing. Everyone must try it at least once. There is so much we can uncover if we only took the time to try things out and learn.

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