The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector: Halfway Through Affordable and Expensive

By TBMD / June 20, 2016

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A metal detector worth $200 dollars is in no way expensive. It’s also surprisingly not the cheapest way to go. So we can say that this price range sits in the comfortable middle ground between cheap and pricey.

We’re sure that all beginners would love to start off with something that’s not over the top in terms of price. This is especially true when they’re only trying to get a feel of their new hobby.

Of course, a lot of them don’t want something overly cheap. As they say, go big or go home. You want something that works perfectly without spending too much of your hard-earned money.

And so we present to you one great metal detector that is currently priced at under $200 dollars: the Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector. We’re gonna learn what it’s capable of, as well as everything you’ll get for that investment.

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This model is a part of Garrett’s all-new Garrett ACE Series. According to the manufacturers themselves, it’s not about producing new and better products each time – it’s about introducing a new way of thinking. And just by taking a closer look at this metal detector’s capabilities, you can see how they are trying to change the way we view affordable devices like this.

Much of the well-thought out features from their previous offerings have been integrated into this model, in order to create something that’s more rugged than ever. This metal detector fits well for those who have an aggressive style in metal hunting.

Designed for prolonged outdoor use, you’ll come to appreciate this model’s durability and sporty design.


Since it motivates you to get moving, this metal detector has a great way of forcing you to exercise. This is essential for a healthy body, and the outdoor experience should be enough to keep you in shape for a long time – especially when done regularly.

Treasure hunting can be an exhausting experience, but your stamina will pick up considerably.

You’ll be thankful for this model’s intuitive controls, and its tough 3-piece storage construction. This allows for convenience during and after use. It makes the job easier in most aspects – it’s easy to forget how cheap it is.


With its aggressively good design and comfortable controlling setup, you’ll see how much work and effort went into the making of this. But it doesn’t end there. It has a couple of features up its sleeve that can make the experience even more fun.

It has a coin depth indicator that, as the name implies, allows you to know how deep coin-sized items are. For a quiet metal hunting experience, you can plug in your headphones into the built-in headphone jack.


Even at under $200 dollars, you can see how this is still capable of serving you for a long time. It has a great combination of durability and convenience – the perfect recipe for an amazing adventure. Designed to look good, this metal detector is one of those models that helps you look cool, even while searching for lost coins in the beach. Take this to unexplored lands and you’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover.

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